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About these pages

Here are some of my contributions to Gran Turismo information, plus links to the fruits of other people's labours,

My Contributions (top)

The All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship League (JGTC) (top)
which corresponds very closely to the GT300/GT500 of GT2.
(all these links are now effectively dead) (August, 2020)

Message Boards (top)

And several Now Dead Boards... (August, 2020)

One-Person Reference Sites (top)

These are now all dead, except for one-or-two I rescued.
Even webring,org/ itself is now defunct. (August, 2020)
Also... And now dead link versions...

Assorted Other Pages and Sites (top)

The rest are now all dead. (August, 2020)
Even webring,org/ itself now appears defunct.

Some Official Sony Sites (top)

These now all appear to be dead. (August, 2020)

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Formerly Great Links Which Are Now Dead (top)

The Web does not believe in history, but I do. So I will persist in keep this annotated list of sites and pages which used to be very interesting, but have vanished for various reasons.

However, the demise of sites has become so prevalent that I now list most vanished sites above in their previous classifications.

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These pages were initially created since I thought Gran Turismo could be a focus to help me explore some ideas about using HTML. Quite clearly, the rate at which I am learning anything by creating these pages has diminished a lot. Or, in other words, they have probably got out-of-hand.

Consequently these pages may soon disappear with little or no notice. (Other than this). Updates have become very sporadic recently. That is not necessarily a totally bad thing. 8-)

I actually went to the effort of finding semi-professional hosting. But that disappeared (twice! geocities famously died, and then webring).

But I always attempted to make my published sites mirrors of pages I kept somewhere else privately. Eventually I started running my own "cloud" web servers, and recreated the site there. Not only that, but if you search "gt2toxs" at, you should find a repository corresponding to these pages.

I will probably never learn HTML properly, but I attempt to maintain this set of pages as a memory of my now nearly twenty-year-old previous addiction to Gran Turismo.

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